Paths for promoting oral health: capacitation among leaders of the Children's Pastoral Mission of the Catholic Church in Brazil

The purpose of this evaluative study was to analyze capacitation among of the Children's Pastoral Mission of the Catholic Church, and to identify potentials and weaknesses with regard to oral health promotion. Rapid evaluation methodology of participatory nature was used. Evaluation workshops were held, documents were analyzed, key informants were interviewed, focus groups were held and participants were observed during leader guidance training. With empowerment and comprehensiveness as the interpretative categories, content analysis was performed. Oral health was dealt with such that it was integrated with other topics, and complementary actions supported the educational activities. The pedagogical trend adopted by the institution involved the principle of empowerment. However, technical questions were given greater emphasis than were pedagogical questions. Discussions on pedagogical issues and working in networks, for capacitation, were considered fundamental points for consolidating and amplifying the action evaluated.

Health promotion; Health education; Empowerment; Comprehensiveness; Social networks

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