Dance, Heart Failure and Erectile Function: Perspective of Better Clinical Management?

Tales de Carvalho Ana Inês Gonzáles Daiane Pereira Lima Adair Roberto Soares dos Santos About the authors


In the pathophysiology of heart failure (HF), attention has been directed to sympathetic hyperactivity and low-intensity systemic inflammation, aspects also present in erectile dysfunction (ED). Physical exercise is a strategy that improves these parameters, which makes plausible the hypothesis that, when practiced through dance, exercise would provide better results. By combining physical activity and music, dance would be able to improve the functioning of central and peripheral neural networks additionally to other favorable mechanisms, contributing to the restoration of neurohormonal function and reduction of the inflammatory response, which would increase the efficacy of HF and ED treatment.

Heart Failure / physiopathology; Exercise; Dance; Autonomic Nervous System; Inflammation

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