Historical review and future perspectives for Pilot Transonic Wind Tunnel of IAE


The Pilot Transonic Wind Tunnel of Institute of Aeronautics and Space (PTT Pilot Transonic Wind Tunnel) is an important result of a tremendous effort to install a high speed wind tunnel complex (TTS acronyms for Transonic and Supersonic Tunnels, in Portuguese) at the IAE, to support Brazilian aerospace research. Its history is described below, startingfrom the moment the TTS project was first conceived, highlighting each successive phase, mentioning the main difficulties encountered, and the solutions chosen, up until the final installation of the Pilotfacility. A brief description of the tunnel's shakedown and calibration phases is also given, together with the present campaigns and proposed activities for the near future.

Key words:
Aerodynamics; Calibration phase; Experimental tests; Pilot installation; Transonic wind tunnel

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