Simultaneous determination of chloride and potassium in carbohydrate electrolyte beverages using an array of ion-selective electrodes controlled by a microcomputer

This work describes the building of a potentiometric system composed of an array of ion-selective electrodes and controlled by microcomputer. The system employed an acquisition card model ACL-8111 from ADLink Technology for the selection control of the ion-selective electrodes through an analogic switch (ADG201) with simultaneous data acquisition. Software implemented on the VISUAL BASIC 4.0 language was employed for electrode control and data acquisition. This system was evaluated in the simultaneous determination of chloride and potassium in samples of carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages. The results obtained for these determinations were in agreement with those obtained by the reference method taking into account the estimated error in the determinations.

array of ion-selective electrodes; beverages analysis; computational system

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