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Joint letter from the editor-in-chief and the publications chair of the Brazilian Computer Society

Joint letter from the editor-in-chief and the publications chair of the Brazilian Computer Society

As some of our readers may be aware of, JBCS shall be undergoing important changes in 2010 as a result of an agreement between the Brazilian Computer Society and Springer scientific publishers, that will be publishing JBCS as from March 2010. We encourage you to check the webpage for more information about the journal and specific paper submission instructions.

As the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society matured and became an important venue for the dissemination of scientific results, it was the desire of the Society's Board of Directors that it gained more global exposure. The alliance with Springer will put JBCS on the first rank in the international arena, together with some of the most prestigious publications in Computer Science. Free access to JBCS digital contents, through Springer Link, is secured for all society members. Founding, institutional and full members will continue to receive the printed edition. We invite all to join us in this celebration, and remark that the next few editions will be fundamental in shaping the future of JBCS. We bid the community for their support in publicizing, citing and above all, submitting quality research papers.

This last issue of volume 15 of the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society, relative to year 2009, includes four papers. The first one, by Ronaldo Motola, Patrícia Augustin Jaques, Margarete Axt and Rosa Vicari, describes the architecture of an affective agent that may be embedded into any learning environment regardless of its application domain and execution platform. The architecture supports automatically updating new agent behaviors and new characters, once available in the server. The paper extends a previous paper presented at SBIE 2009 that has been invited for submission to JBCS.

Antônio Tadeu Azevedo Gomes, Artur Ziviani, Luciana dos Santos Lima and Markus Endler address in the second paper the integration of mobile grids over wireless ad hoc networks, the so-called mobile ad hoc grids. They propose the integration of resource discovery and scheduling for mobile ad hoc grids into a single protocol called DICHOTOMY (DIscovery and sCHeduling prOTOcol for MobilitY). In this paper they present experiments showing that this protocol allows computational tasks to be distributed appropriately in a mobile ad hoc grid, while mitigating the overhead of discovery messages exchanged among the nodes.

The third paper is by Jesús Pascual Mena-Chalco and Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior. It describes the design, implementation and experiences with scriptLattes, an open-source system they developed to create academic reports of activities from research groups, based on curricula from the public Brazilian Lattes database. The authors tackle the problem of automatically extracting and summarizing relevant information relative to groups of researchers, from their individual data made available in the Lattes platform.

Finally, the paper by Clauirton de Albuquerque Siebra and Natasha Correia Queiroz Lino analyses aspects related to the development of joint human-agent planning agents. They show that such agents can be implemented, in a unified way, via a constraint-based ontology and related functions. They also illustrate how such properties can be employed to implement collaborative concepts, which are maintained transparent to the planning mechanisms.

On behalf of the Brazilian Computer Society we would like to thank each member of the editorial board, namely Tiziana Margaria, Gert-Jan de Vreede, Gerry Stahl, Michael G. Hinchey, Valmir C. Barbosa, Flávio Rech Wagner, Edmundo Albuquerque de Souza e Silva and Nivio Ziviani, for their valuable support to JBCS during the last years. Finally, we are also indebted to all the previous editors of JBCS for their dedication and effort, and to the Brazilian Computer Science research community as a whole. They all contributed to make this journal a reality.

Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira

Editor-in-Chief - JBCS

Computer Science Department

ICMC - University of São Paulo, Brazil

Karin Breitman

Publications Chair - SBC

Informatics Department

PUC-Rio - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

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    10 Feb 2010
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    Dec 2009
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