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Medical residency in Brazil

Little more than a century separates us from the creation of the first medical residency program attributed to William Halsted, from the Surgery Department of the Medicine College, Johns Hopkins University, in 1889. The American surgeon considered the medical training of the epoch precarious, since it was based on trials and errors, with sufficiently expressive differences in the formation opportunities. Another comment by the specialist was related to the importance of study program and practical experience soon after graduation and under discerning supervision.

In Brazil, the first programs of medical residency date from the 1940's, initially created in the two main centers of medical formation then: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The landmark creation of a residency program in the country is conferred to Hospital das Clínicas of Universidade de São Paulo (HC/USP), that in 1945 created the first program of medical residency in orthopedy. In 1948, the Instituto de Previdência e Assistência dos Servidores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (IPASE-RJ) opened registrations for its first course of medical residency in psychiatry, that was also the specialty rewarded with a new course in HC/USP. The first residency courses had small classes, whose specialists were quickly absorbed by labour market. Only in 1977 the National Council of Medical Residence was created and minimal requirements for some medical specialties were defined. Others had its admission criteria regulated only in 1983.

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