The influence of diet on the triglycerides serum concentration

Marli Schiavo Adroaldo Lunardelli Jarbas Rodrigues de Oliveira About the authors

BACKGROUND: Elevated levels of triglycerdes in the serum are associated with patologicals conditions that they accelerate to aterosclerose, beyond they evidences will exist of that to hypertrigliceridemia is an independent factor of risk for illnesses coronarias therefore I contributed for the cardiopatias by an effect aterogênico straight of the lipoproteínas rich in triglicerídeos. Very big variations in the dosage of the colesterol and triglicérides they limit sweats clinical utilization. Those variations can be analytic, when related to metodologia and procedures utilized by the laboratories, and pré analytic, when related to factors intrínsecos of the individual. Objectives: Using the same approach laboratorial, analyzed itself possible alterations in the levels lipídicos of the patients in order to question to true validade of that the fast of 12 previous hours to the punção be sufficient for that can be carried out trustworthy dosages with the profile of the patient. METHODS: They were analyzed serum of 29 patients, reaped in two distinct days; in the Monday and in the Thursday from the same week. RESULTS: We be able to observe variations on the occasion of the dosage of triglicerídeos in peculiar days from the week, being that the levels of such parameter in the Monday are presented more elevated that in the Thursday, even that the sick one I have done a rigorous fast of 12 hours before of both you collect them. The colesterol gross, the HDL, the LDL and the VLDL they were not shown with significant statistical variation. Discussion: Being like this, the fast recommended of 12 hours is not sufficient to relate the real profile lipídico of the patient.

Triglycerides; Day; Fast

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