Comparison of product labelings of two marks of reagent strips for the chemical examination of urine

BACKGROUND: The urinalysis provides information about renal and urinary diseases, as well as about some extra renal diseases. The chemical examination of urine is done with reagent strips, which allows a quick, simple and economic analyze. OBJECTIVES: To compare drug labelings of two marks of reagent strips in urinalysis (Roche Combur10 Test® UX and Bayer Multistix® 10 SG). MATERIAL AND METHOD: The principles of pH, protein, glucose, ketone bodies, hemoglobin, bilirubin, urobilinogen, nitrite, specific gravity and leukocytes determinations, as well as the information about possible interferences were compared. RESULTS: There were differences in the detection’s reagents of some parameters, like urobilinogen (The Ehrlich’s reagent present in Multistix is less specific and more propense to analytical interferences than diazonium salt derived of methoxybenzene, used by Roche strip); the differences in the reagents used for nitrite, protein, glucose, bilirubin and hemoglobin determinations were relatively subtle. DISCUSSION: There was diversity of information about the potential interferences, which could be justified (at least partially) by differences in the reagents. Differences in the information about interferences had been detected between Spanish and Portuguese versions in the same product labeling, like the omission of some interferences in the product labeling in Portuguese. Great disparity in the reaction’s intensity and its expression in crosses were observed (e.g. for glucose), and it could lead to misunderstanding in the interpretation of laboratorial findings. CONCLUSION: These data reinforce the importance of standardizations in the urinalysis.

Urinalysis; Reagent strips; Chemical examination; Comparison of product labelings

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