Comparison of single erbium:YAG laser resurfacing to a combination with cutaneous lifting: a morphometric study of neocollagenization in rats

INTRODUCTION: The fibroplasia is the responsible for the final aesthetic results induced by laser resurfacing upon skin with superficial wrinkles. On the other hand, the lifting is responsible for the deeper wrinkles removal, produced by mechanic results. The use of the combination of these two rejuvenation simultaneous techniques can cause surgical advantages and interesting esthetical results. OBJECTIVES: This morphometric study proposed to evaluate if there are any alteration of fibroplasia thickness during the accomplishment of the laser and lifting techniques joined. METHOD: There were used 50 Wistar rats divided in two groups. One of the groups was submitted to the exclusive application of laser Erbium: YAG, and the other group were submitted to the application of the laser Erbium: YAG combined with the lifting. The fibroplasia thickness was evaluated by the digital morphometrics techniques, after the sacrifice of animals on days 14, 28, 56, 84 and 112 after the surgery. RESULT: An increase in the fibroplasia was observed in both groups studied, although the collagen growth was superior in the group that was submitted to laser resurfacing isolated. CONCLUSION: The thickness of fibroplasia was modified by the use of simultaneous techniques: laser resurfacing and lifting.

Laser Erbium: YAG; Resurfacing; Lifting; Fibroplasia

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