M. Alves H.S.C. Mattos R. Marczak

Such a success for this young journal requires that we increase our publication rate. It is so that, as for this year, we will publish 12 numbers, each with 10 articles. This new publication schedule will remain valid for 2015.

We are aware that in the electronic publication world, to publish using numbers for a given issue has less sense. Even so, we will keep this type of organization. One advantage is that the reader will receive a newsletter from LAJSS with the new issue contents once a month only, saving the reader of so many emails of these days.

We hope this new publication schedule meets the expectations of all readers and authors.

We take the opportunity to inform the readers that the Editorial Board has slightly changed, so to reflect better the scope of the journal. We thank all former members of the Editorial board for their continuous support and we welcome the new ones.

For a 100% free journal, with an impact factor of 1.24, a rejection rate of 64% and now publishing 120 papers a year, we believe that LAJSS is fulfilling well the task of publishing high quality articles for everyone to use and to progress in their investigations.

Yours sincerely,

M. Alves, Editor-in-Chief

H.S.C. Mattos, Associate Editor

R. Marczak, Associate Editor

Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures

  • Preface
    Readers and authors of the Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures may have noticed that we are already, with this issue, publishing the number 7 of volume 11, 2014. This is due to a steady increase in the number of submissions and in the number of accepted papers.

Publication Dates

  • Publication in this collection
    13 Mar 2014
  • Date of issue
    Dec 2014
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