Evaluation of dynamic behavior of waffle slab to gym center

In Brazil, the use of reinforced concrete waffle slab in multi-story buildings is widespread nowadays. These buildings are projected for different purposes such as fitness centers, supermarkets, parking garages, offices and residential units. Simple activities as walking, skipping and jumping can generate vibrations in these slabs. Vibrations can cause inconvenience in persons, questions about structure´s safety, and collapse risk that it is determined by its intensity of vibrations. The objective of this paper is evaluating the behavior of reinforced concrete waffle slabs due to the human rhythmic activities. Slabs are modeled by finite elements method using the SAP2000 program. The results are verified according to Brazilian and international codes. The waffle slabs are submitted to high-levels of acceleration and velocity generating discomfort in users.

Human actions; natural frequencies; human comfort; finite element method; NBR 6118:2003

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