A Backtracking Search Algorithm for the Simultaneous Size, Shape and Topology Optimization of Trusses

Rafael R. Souza Leandro F. Fadel Miguel Rafael H lopez André J. Torii Letícia F.F. Miguel About the authors


This paper presents a Backtracking Search Optimization algorithm (BSA) to simultaneously optimize the size, shape and topology of truss structures. It focuses on the optimization of these three aspects since it is well known that the most effective scheme of truss optimization is achieved when they are simultaneously considered. The minimization of structural weight is the objective function, imposing displacement, stress, local buckling and/or kinematic stability constraints. The effectiveness of the BSA at solving this type of optimization problem is demonstrated by solving a series of benchmark problems comparing not only the best designs found, but also the statistics of 100 independent runs of the algorithm. The numerical analysis showed that the BSA provided promising results for the analyzed problems. Moreover, in several cases, it was also able to improve the statistics of the independent runs such as the mean and coefficient of variation values.

Backtracking Search algorithm; truss optimization; topology optimization; size optimization; shape optimization; mixed variable problem

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