Normal Mode Analysis to a Poroelastic Half-Space Problem under Generalized Thermoelasticity

Chunbao Xiong Ying Guo Yu Diao About the authors


The thermo-hydro-mechanical problems associated with a poroelastic half-space soil medium with variable properties under generalized thermoelasticity theory were investigated in this study. By remaining faithful to Biot’s theory of dynamic poroelasticity, we idealized the foundation material as a uniform, fully saturated, poroelastic half-space medium. We first subjected this medium to time harmonic loads consisting of normal or thermal loads, then investigated the differences between the coupled thermohydro-mechanical dynamic models and the thermo-elastic dynamic models. We used normal mode analysis to solve the resulting non-dimensional coupled equations, then investigated the effects that non-dimensional vertical displacement, excess pore water pressure, vertical stress, and temperature distribution exerted on the poroelastic half-space medium and represented them graphically.

Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical dynamic; Generalized thermoelasticity; Thermo-elastic dynamic; Poroelastic; Normal mode analysis

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