Micro-mechanical numerical analyses on the effect of stress state on ductile damage under dynamic loading conditions

Michael Brünig Steffen Gerke Janek Tix About the authors


The paper deals with the effect of stress state on the dynamic damage behavior of ductile materials. The rate- and temperature-dependent continuum damage model has been enhanced to take into account the influence of the stress triaxiality and the Lode parameter on damage condition and on rate equations of damage strains. Different branches of these criteria depending on the current stress state are considered based on different damage and failure processes on the micro-level. To get more insight in the dynamic damage and fracture processes micro-mechanical behavior of void-containing representative volume elements have been analyzed numerically. These three-dimensional numerical simulations based on different dynamic loading conditions take into account a wide range of stress states in tension, shear and compression domains. Based on the numerical results general trends of dynamic damage and failure behavior can be shown and stress-state-dependent equations for damage criteria and for the formation of damage strains can be proposed.

Ductile damage; stress state dependence; micro-mechanical numerical simulations; dynamic loading

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