Optimum Design of Effective Parameters for Orthotropic Plates with Polygonal Cut-Out

Mohammad Jafari Mohammad Hossein Bayati Chaleshtari About the authors


This paper investigates the effect of different parameters on stress analysis of infinite orthotropic plates with central polygonal cutout using gray wolf optimization algorithm. The important features of gray wolf algorithm include flexibility, simplicity, short solution time and ability to avoid local optimums. The effective parameters on stress distribution around cutouts include load angle, curvature radius of the corner of the cutout, cutout orientation and fiber angle for orthotropic materials. The used analytical solution is the expansion of Lekhnitskii’s solution method. The effect of the aforementioned parameters on the stress distribution around triangular, square, pentagonal and hexagonal cutout is examined. The results showed that these parameters have significant effects on stress distribution around the cutouts and the structural load-bearing capacity will increase without changing the type of material if the parameters are correctly chosen.

Orthotropic Plates; Grey Wolf Algorithm; Polygonal Cut-out; Analytical Solution.

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