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From identity battles to freedom practices: a black teacher's life stories

The present article analyses the production of meanings in the self-narrative of a black teacher while she builds her identity projects concerning her academic and professional trajectories and her affective/conjugal arrangements in face to her racial belonging. The guiding question of the discussion: in what point the teacher assumes a discursive positioning that reflects the interaction between her wishes of individual freedom and/or the safety offered by the community (BAUMAN, 2003). Foucault's theories are used as analytical tools, articulated to ethnic-racial studies, identity and notions of French Discourse Analysis. The conclusion is that the teacher, in her auto-biographical scripts, has gathered strategies witch translate battles that she waged when building her identity projects, as far as she made a life story marked by effects that contradict speeches that history has reserved to blacks.

Identity projects; Practices of freedom; Black teacher

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