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Titles in scientific disclosure news: discursive strategies and functionalities in Facebook interface


The objective of this article is to understand, through the concept of aphorization, how works the circulation of titles in scientific disclosure news on Facebook. Titles were collected through specific Google search techniques. The results show that in terms of the interface features, some news are highlighted by specific sections, by the use of images and by the titles edition. Regarding the discourse strategies, information can be highlighted taking samples as generalizations, ensuring information as proven, with minor changes in texts of sub-headings and changing the bias of the original text of blogs in its replication on Facebook. Some conclusions: functionalities and discourse strategies work together to strengthen what is said; circulation of information possibilities differ not only in relation to the world outside the digital, but in relation to the web recent history, and media discourse functions are crucial to modify the original information.

Title; Aphorization; Circulation; Scientific disclosure; Facebook.

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