Appropriation in El Aleph Engordado

Tatiana da Silva Capaverde About the author


The rewriting in the contemporary literary production has been seeking to promote themes on the debate about authorship and originality in a metaliterary way, having the author's name Jorge Luis Borges and his texts as the best hypotext to promote such debate. The proposed paper analyzes the appropriation made by the Argentinian author Pablo Katchadjian (1977-) of the text El Aleph by Jorge Luís Borges, in order to indicate the intertextual relation produced and the resignification of the authorship provoked by the proposed alterations. The manipulation of the text and the appropriation of the narrator Borges which occur in the narrative El Aleph Engordado (2009) promote questions about the authorial paths (Barthes), the role of the critical author-reader (Perrone-Moises) and about the relationship with tradition (Hutcheon; Borges), allowing for a critical approach on the aesthetic and conceptual paths produced in the appropriation.

Authorship; Appropriation; Intertextuality; Author-reader

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