Systematics of the genus Cnesterodon Garman, 1895 (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae: Poeciliinae)

A phylogenetic hypothesis of relationships is proposed for the species of Cnesterodon. A series of derived features supports the monophyly of the genus and infrageneric clades. The genus Cnesterodon is revised, with Gulapinnus considered a junior synonym. A lectotype is designated for Poecilia decemmaculata Jenyns. Nine species of Cnesterodon are recognized: C. decemmaculatus, C. carnegiei, C. brevirostratus, C. septentrionalis, C. omorgmatos, C. hypselurus, C. raddai, a new species from the rio Ribeira de Iguape, described herein, and a new species from the Rio Grande do Sul, being described by in a separate paper. Diagnoses and distribution ranges are provided for each species as well as a key to identification of the species.

Neotropical Ichthyofauna; taxonomy; phylogeny; live-bearing killifishes

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