The deep sea teleost fish fauna of the Brazilian North Coast

Alex Garcia Cavalleiro de Macedo Klautau Israel Hidenburgo Aniceto Cintra Matheus Marcos Rotundo Alfredo Carvalho-Filho Rodrigo Antunes Caires Alexandre Pires Marceniuk About the authors


Data on the deep sea fishes found off the northern Brazilian coast are restricted to the results of the surveys of the RV Oregon, a research vessel of the North American National Marine Fisheries Service, and the REVIZEE Program. The REVIZEE Score-Norte Program focused on commercial fish species and natural resources with potential for exploitation on the continental shelf and slope off the northern coast of Brazil. In this sense, the REVIZEE Score-Norte Program generated little information on species of no commercial value, did not catalog its inventory in zoological collections, and did not publish species lists. Given this considerable knowledge gap on the deep-sea fish found off the North coast of Brazil, we compiled all the available data on the deep-sea fish of this region and also retrieved photographic records from the REVIZEE Score-Norte Program, including the PRODEMERSAL and PROTUNA projects. Considering the published records, specimens deposited in zoological collections, and the interpretation of photographic records, we compiled a list of 63 species of deep-sea fish from the North coast of Brazil. An additional 30 species were found in the published records from the PRODEMERSAL and PROTUNA, but were considered to be doubtful or pending confirmation.

Inventory; Marine biodiversity; PRODEMERSAL; PROTUNA; REVIZEE Score-Norte

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