Description of Neblinichthys peniculatus, a new species of loricariid catfish from the río Paragua drainage of Venezuela

Jonathan W. Armbruster Donald C. Taphorn About the authors

Neblinichthys peniculatus is described from specimens collected in the río Carapo (río Paragua - río Caroni drainage), which drains the southern flank of Cerro Guaiquinima in southeastern Venezuela. Neblinichthys peniculatus differs from all congeners by having mottling on the caudal peduncle consisting of dark spots and dashes (vs. caudal peduncle all about the same color or light below and dark above) and by having spots on the head (spots less conspicuous in nuptial males as the head is darker; vs. no spots). Uniquely among Neblinichthys for which nuptial males are known, the hypertrophied odontodes on the snout are rather short, none as large as the eye diameter.

Ancistrini; Caroni; Guiana Shield; Hypostominae; Punk catfish

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