New species of the catfish genus Tatia (Siluriformes:Auchenipteridae) from the rio Teles Pires, upper rio Tapajós basin, Brazil

Richard P. Vari Bárbara B. Calegari About the authors

Analysis of specimens of the auchenipterid catfish genus Tatia collected in the rio Teles Pires, a tributary of the rio Tapajós, along the border between the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, Brazil, revealed it to be an undescribed species. This new species is distinguished from all congeners with the exception of T. carolae and T. musaica by the intense, clearly demarcated, dark coloration on the dorsal and to varying degrees lateral and sometimes ventrolateral portions of the body versus the very lightly colored regions which are translucent in life on the remainder of the body. Various details of head, body and dorsal and caudal-fin pigmentation along with meristic and morphometric features distinguish the new species from T. carolae and T. musaica. The new species provides further evidence that the upper and middle rio Tapajós is a region of ichthyofaunal endemism.

Amazon basin; Centromochlinae; Endemism; Neotropical region; Taxonomy

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