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Checklist of Gymnotiformes (Osteichthyes: Ostariophysi) and catalogue of primary types


A list of all valid names of species of Neotropical electric fishes (Gymnotiformes) is presented herein. The list is arranged by family and genus and includes all available synonyms. The list is comprehensive through 2016 and includes 240 valid species distributed among 34 genera and five families, including one monotypic genus known only from the fossil record. The presented classification reflects recently published interpretations about the validity of the included names which, in general, are widely accepted. When the validity of a particular name is disputed in recent literature, we followed one of the published interpretations and provide relevant information on the alternate interpretation(s) in the remarks section of that name. Synonymies of some names need to be considered tentative, inasmuch as the types underlying those names are either absent or appear to be based on more than one taxon. First reviser actions (e.g., lectotype and neotype designations, resolution of simultaneous synonyms, etc.) are reported and include erroneous subsequent attempts at problem resolutions. Herein, we include one new first reviser action by selecting Gymnotus aequilabiatus Humboldt, 1805, as type species of Sternopygus because previous attempts to select a type did not follow the provisions of the Code of Zoological Nomenclature.

Apteronotidae; Gymnotidae; Hypopomidae; Rhamphichthyidae; Sternopygidae

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