Feeding association between benthic and nektonic Neotropical stream fishes

Fabrício Barreto Teresa Fernando Rogério Carvalho About the authors

Following behaviour among Neotropical stream fishes have been scarcely reported. This type of feeding association was observed in a small stream in the upper rio Paraná system between the catfish, Aspidoras fuscoguttatus, acting as a nuclear species, and Knodus moenkhausii, Poecilia reticulata, and Astyanax altiparanae as follower species. Aspidoras fuscoguttatus individuals dug in the bottom during feeding, causing sediment suspension. Their followers picked food items in the "cloud" of suspended particles. Food items of sediment are no longer consumed by the catfish when in suspension, but are still available for K. moenkhausii, P. reticulata and A. altiparanae. Following behaviour is an alternative feeding tactic for these species, which reinforces the general idea of behavioural plasticity among follower species.

Aspidoras fuscoguttatus; Feeding strategies; Interspecific interaction; Following behaviour; Southeastern Brazil

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