Cryoprotectant solutions in star orchid seeds and bamboo orchid conservation in liquid nitrogen

Soluções crioprotetoras na conservação de sementes de orquídea estrela e orquídea bambu em nitrogênio líquido

Jean Carlo Baudraz de Paula Douglas Junior Bertoncelli Guilherme Augusto Cito Alves Gabriel Barraca Men Tatiana Fattori Mathias Ricardo Tadeu de Faria About the authors


An alternative for the conservation of orchid species threatened with extinction is the seeds preservation for long periods by cryopreservation. This work aimed to evaluate the influence of cryogenic solutions on the orchids Epidendrum radicans and Arundina bambusifolia seeds cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen. Seven treatments were performed: 0.4 M sucrose; 2 M glycerol; PVS1; PVS2; PVS3; PVS2 + 1% phloroglucinol and the control. After liquid nitrogen removal, half of the seeds were subjected to tetrazolium test, and another half was in vitro cultured. After 30 days seed germination was evaluated. There was no significant difference between A. bambusifolia and E. radicans in tetrazolium test and seeds germination. On the other hand, it was observed that in A. bambusifolia tetrazolium and seed germination tests the solutions of PVS1, PVS2, PVS2 + 1% phloroglucinol showed the best results. E. radicans seeds with 4% water content cryopreservation does not require the use of cryoprotectant. On the other hand, cryoprotectant's use resulted in positive effect in maintenance and viability preservation of A. bambusifolia seeds. PVS1, PVS2 and PVS2 + 1% phloroglucinol showed best seeds survival rates after cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen.

Epidendrum radicans; Arundina bambusifolia; Orchidaceae; tetrazolium; seed bank

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