Production of loquat tree cultivars in Eastern São Paulo State

The objective of this work was to evaluate the yield of the loquat tree (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) cultivars Centenária, Mizuho, Mizumo, Mizauto and Néctar de Cristal. The seedlings grown on cultivar Mizumo rootstocks were planted in the field in a randomized block design. From the third to the sixth year after planting, evaluations were made for fruit number, fresh weight, total yield per plant and the average data of four consecutive years. The length and width, the total soluble solids (TSS) and the total titrable acidity (TTA) were determined. The cultivars Mizuho, Mizumo, Mizauto and Néctar de Cristal showed the highest fruit yield, over 14 kg per plant, on average. The fruit fresh weight best results were observed for 'Centenária' and 'Mizumo', over 30 g per fruit. Both cultivars also showed the better ratio SST/ATT.

Eriobotrya japonica; production capacity; loquat; fruit quality

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