Physical, physico-chemical and chemical characterization of fruits of true yellow mombin

The objective of this work was to characterize fruits of true yellow mombin (Spondias mombin L.) genotypes to identify materials of industrial interest and for breeding works. Fruits of 30 genotypes were characterized by evaluation of pH, total soluble solid (TSS), titratable total acidity (TTA), vitamin C, TSS/TTA rate, total sugars, industrial income, total fruit mass, seed mass, rind mass, pulp mass, and percentage of pulp income. The results (average of three samples) were evaluated by descriptive statistics using central trend (average) and variability of data (standard error and coefficient of variation). Multivaried statistical analyses were carried out, by means of grouping and main components techniques. Fruits from the genotypes AJ04UB, VS07UB, TF25TN, TF26TN, TF29TN, TF30TN and TF31TN presented the best features for processing. Grouping analysis showed formation of four genotypes groups showing the existence of genetic variability in the species.

Spondias mombin; plant characters; genetic variation; plant breeding

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