Agricultural and forest products as supplementary feeding for tambaqui in polyculture with jaraqui

The objective of this paper was to evaluate the performance of tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) in a polyculture trial with jaraqui (Semaprochilodus insignis), using agricultural and forest products as supplementary feeding for tambaqui. Two ponds, measuring 644 m² (Pond A, associated with pigs) and 1,075 m² (Pond B, non associated), were stocked with 0.5 tambaqui/m² and 0.1 jaraqui/m². After 371 days, tambaqui showed a mean growth from 18.6±4.5 g to 997.1±195.08 g in Pond A, and from 81.4±18.8 g to 519.9±191.7 g in Pond B. Feeding management of Pond A may be a sustainable alternative of tambaqui production in substitution to commercial rations.

Colossoma macropomum; Semaprochilodus insignis

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