Promoting health and development in early child education: an intervention of Psychology

This study presents the report of a supervised training in Psychology developed in an early child education institution and which aimed to promote the health and development of children in this context. The used theoretical framework was the Bioecological Perspectives on Human Development. Knowledge about family, early child education and the psychologist's practices are presented. Two demands of interventions were defined: families and teachers/coordinators. It was possible to perceive that the performed interventions, that is, training course to teachers, visits to families, participation in meetings, contributed to create a partnership between the context of the day care service and families

early childhood education; childhood development; psychological intervention

Universidade de São Paulo, Faculdade de Filosofia Ciências e Letras de Ribeirão Preto, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Psicologia Av.Bandeirantes 3900 - Monte Alegre, 14040-901 Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo - Brasil, Tel.: (55 16) 3315-3829 - Ribeirão Preto - SP - Brazil