Plant stimulant effect on Brasil-Bahia tobacco growth and production

Efeito de estimulante vegetal no crescimento e produção de fumo Brasil-Bahia

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of the Stimulate® plant stimulant, applied to leaves by spraying, on tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) growth and production. The Brasil-Bahia tobacco and Stimulate®, at the doses of 0.0 mL L-1 (control - water); 1.0 mL L-1; 3.0 mL L-1; 5.0 mL L-1; and 11.0 mL L-1, in watery solution, were used. On the fifteenth day after sowing (DAS), the treatments were applied. A total of six sprayings were made, once a day, each five days. After forty-three DAS, the number of leaves; stem and root length; stem, roots, and leaves dry matter; and leaf area were evaluated, under nursery conditions. In the field, the plants remained for 64 days (107 DAS) and the number of leaves; number of viable leaves; plant height; stem and leaves dry matter; and leaf area were evaluated. Stimulate®, under nursery conditions, decreased stem, root and leaf dry matter and leaf area for tobacco. Stimulate® was also efficient to increase the number of leaves and stem length, under nursery conditions, for the Brasil-Bahia tobacco. Under field conditions, Stimulate®, applied during the vegetative stage, was not efficient to increase leaf production, however, it increased stem height and dry matter.

Nicotiana tabacum L; leaf pulverization; plant regulator; Stimulate®

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