Public policies and the field: what does the Psychologist have to do with that?

This research aims to identify which practices to residents of rural areas are developed by psychologists who work in CRAS - Centros de Referência da Assistência Social as well as understand what difficulties are encountered in implementing such actions. For this study we chose a qualitative research through interviews with psychologists who work in these services. Data were analyzed from the theoretical assumptions of content analysis. In the end, we conclude that the actions developed in rural areas consist of the same developed in the city, but without taking into account the particularities of the region, hampering the development of actions aimed at this population. One of the major difficulties perceived by participants is little discussion and theoretical training during graduation, as regards social psychology, especially public policies. Finally, it turns out that this study is of great importance in order to contribute to the construction of new practices and performance spaces for the professional of psychology.

Social psychology; Rural environments; Public policy; Social policy

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