Diagnostic disclosure of HIV/Aids to children: an experience report

This is an experience report on the conduct and management of the process of revealing the diagnosis of children living with HIV/AIDS in two leading centers located in São Paulo, Brazil. The model used to share information about the disease and treatment in the pediatric population was initiated in 2003 and involves 5 steps: gathering patients unaware of their HIV status; referrals for psychological assessment; interviews with family members to plan the disclosure process; open diagnostic and monitoring after the disclosure. Experience has shown that after knowledge of the disease, the children participate and cooperate with treatment, parents feel relieved and professionals are comfortable during consults, to talk openly with young patients about the exams, clinical monitoring and treatment. A detailed description of the work may assist other services in developing actions so that the practice of diagnostic disclosure can be more effectively integrated in the context of the care of children living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV; Children; Disclosure; Diagnosis; AIDS (Attudes towards)

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