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CAPS and networking: constructing matricial support in basic health care

The Psychiatric Reform proposes the articulation between mental health and basic health care as a step in the process of deinstitutionalization. This study presents the results of an investigation conducted with mental health workers in the CAPS regarding the matricial process in the Family Health teams. With the implementation of the matricial support, the Natal Secretariat of Health aims to extend the substitutive network services and the professional training for both levels of care, with the objective of widening the access of care services in mental health. The following aspects were observed: the precarious articulation between the CAPS units and the basic health care network; the need to review the function of the CAPS units within the network and their model of ambulatory care, and the academic formation of the health professionals that is unsatisfactory for the care of individuals with mental disturbances.

Psychiatric reform; Mental health; Matricial support; CAPS; Basic care

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