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Usages of Simulators During Professional Training for Driving road Transportation


This theoretical study aims to contribute to the debate on the usagee of simulators in the training processes of road land transportation professionals. Many accidents occur in this type of transportation in Brazil, constituting a public health problem. Simulators usage and its potentialities were critically analyzed, from the academic literature on simulators usage, in professional driving training situations. From an ergological perspective, which allows the articulation with the approach of others clinics of work, that were also used, the article aims to describe the characteristics that mold the driving activity, to analyze the epistemological assumptions underlying the research and training using simulators, and to critically articulate these points to assess the appropriateness of simulators usage in training processes. It was highlighted that the professional training processes mediated by the use of simulators may be relevant to the serious situation of Brazilian traffic, although the absence of national research on this topic is evident, as well as some possible limits of epistemological perspective used in international surveys, affecting the effectiveness of simulators usage.

Simulation; Transportation; Professional Education; Motor Traffic Accidents

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