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Work and school: is it possible to reconcile? Perspectives from apprentice youngsters in Bahia

The transition to work and the conclusion of high school are considered fundamental markers of entrance into the social world of adult life for a significant number of young people in our country, especially for those who need to work to support themselves and their families. This article reports part of a study that investigated the experience of transition to work among adolescent apprentices in Bahia. The purpose was to understand the meanings constructed by the youngsters about the relationship between school and work. The study participants were ten adolescents, male and female, aged 17 to 19 years old, who concluded an apprenticeship program. Data collection included interviews, document review and participant observation in the context. Content analysis revealed that school and work are perceived as two worlds apart. Results highlight the active involvement of the youngsters to overcome their difficulties and negotiate opportunities, showing that, for them, work and school are concomitant projects.

Labour; Adolescents; School; Education; Adolescent development

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