The conception of the role-playing game (RPG) in systematic players

The Role-Playing Game (RPG) is becoming more and more usual among youths in Brazil and in the area of pedagogy, where it has been used as a learning device in classrooms. This work had as objective determine what is the conception that the systematic players possess regarding the games of characters’ interpretation, or Role-Playing Games, as well as the motivational factors that lead to the practice of this game. It was used for the collection of the data a partner-demographic questionnaire and a semi-open interview; the last one was analyzed based on certain categories that started from the themes that were raised. The categories demonstrated that RPG is viewed as an improvised theater, a leisure activity, a therapy, a personality projection, a facilitator of personal relationships and as an opportunity to meet friends. It was certain that the players’ main motivation was friendship, the will of being with the game companions. The game of RPG possesses positive characteristics as much as negatives, and the difference would be in the way it is used. The result of the research makes way for future studies on that kind of game that is already inserted in the mass culture.

Role-Playing Game; Game; Electronic games; Motivation

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