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Rediscussing the technique of electroconvulsotherapy in the context of the Brazilian psychiatric reform movement

Maura Lima Bezerra e Silva Marcus Tulio Caldas About the authors

The eletroconvulsotherapy technique is a psychiatric intervention modality inaugurated in the 30’s and used uninterruptedly so far. The discussion related to this technique is very controversial and does not involve a dialogic reflection among its related areas of knowledge. The present study intended to undertake a theoretical interpretation of the technique through mental health theoretical and practical knowledge, based on the ethical orientations of the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform Movement, in order to discuss its coherence as a care giving practice. Therefore, the main objective of this paper was to question and to recomplex the subject, what was achieved through a bibliographical study on the theme. We identified links between the proposal of the EcT technique and the conceptions that support the asylum/hospital care and, therefore, we question its coherence in the mental health contemporary intervention area, which intends to continue the deconstruction of the classic paradigm in psychiatry.

Eletroconvulsotherapy; Psychiatry; Psychiatric reform; Care giving practices

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