The language confusion and the challenges of group in institutions

Denise Teles Freire Campos Pedro Humberto Faria Campos Carlos Mendes Rosa About the authors

This work is a reflection about the chalenges of group psychoanalysis in institutions. The text analyses the institutional context since the psychiatric reform, which sought to confront the social exclusion, as a simbolic and social-historical process that involves the identity of the carrier and of his/her family. So, the relation between "care with suffering" and the assistance to the exclusion are discussed based on the integration and revalorization of the clinic dimension of the treatment. The distinction between "demand, necessity and desire" is retaken to point out the importance of keeping the carrier subject in the center of the model. Then the language confusion between psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychiatry is examined, pointing out the main clinic and the social matters related to the actual work of the analist. The present work is based on the reflection about the group work in institutions, inspired in weekly attendance to three patient groups of a psycho-social attention center (CAPS) and it places the transference and the groupal mediation as necessary devices to the group work. The group psychoanalysis is sustained as a form of elaboration of psychological suffering, redirecting the very notion of subject.

Community mental health centers; Mental health; Group Psychoanalysis; Group

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