Psychology Education in Brazil: a profile of undergraduation programs

Felipe Stephan Lisboa Altemir José Gonçalves Barbosa About the authors

A documental study was made to describe Brazilian psychology undergraduation programs using public information available in a Ministry of Education’s Database of undergraduation institutions. 396 programs were identified and most of them were held in private universities with profit objectives located in the interior of the country and in the southern-eastern region. The classes are taught in a single period of the day, their duration is 10 semesters and their timetable has 4000 hours. The programs usually adopt the half-year term and had medium scores in national exams. A huge, quick and disorderly expansion of the undergraduation programs has been evidenced, especially from the 90 decade on. Urgent actions need to be implemented on to ally quantity and quality in the Brazilian psychology education.

Psychology teaching; Undergraduation programs; Pre-service psychologists’ education; History of psychology in Brazil

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