Constructions of Meaning on Sexual Diversity: Another Look at Early Childhood Education

Carlos José de Moura Ciribelli Emerson Fernando Rasera About the authors


From a social perspective, the concept of sexuality does not refer anymore to the biology of bodies and refers to historical processes of identity construction. The various forms of sexuality experiences are meant from contexts and social institutions. The school is one of the institutions that promotes the maintenance of prejudice relating to sexual diversity, but also has the potential to change these prejudices. This study aimed to understand how the construction of meaning of sexual diversity in the context of childhood education happens. It was divided into two stages: the first stage included participant observations in childhood education classrooms of a school in the city of Uberlândia; and the second comprised conversation circles with the teachers of the same school. As a result, the study identified: testing and exploration processes as movements of children to deal with sexual diversity; differences of meaning between adult and child that are given to experiences of childhood education; and refined construction of gender, which emphasizes a standardized sexuality process of construction. Finally, it is concluded that the school participates in the learning process of sexuality, and even can help to create new meanings about sexual diversity, as it occupies a privileged place in the social constructions.

Sexuality; Child Rearing; Gender Identity

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