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The growth in neuropsychological assessment in Brazil: a systematic review


Scientific researches related to the topic of Neuropsychological Assessment have attracted growing interest in recent years. This study aimed to perform a systematic review of Neuropsychological Assessment in Brazil and the research was conducted in the databases of SciELO, PePSIC, LILACS and BDTD, between September/2012 to November/2012, using the keywords neuropsychological assessment. The final sample included 241 original empirical works consisting in scientific articles (n = 131), dissertations (n = 68) and doctoral thesis (n = 42), covering the period 1993-2012. The results showed that: a) more than 60% of scientific production is concentrated in the period 2007-2012, with an average yield of 12.7% per year; b) the number of scientific articles sum slightly more than 50% compared with the number of theses and dissertations; c) the publication of researches on the subject occurs mostly in medical journals (47.7%); d) the principal thematic area that employs Neuropsychological Assessment is neuropsychiatric disorders (49,7%); e) Southeast concentrates more than 50% of national scientific production. We conclude that this research reveals an overview of current scientific literature on the subject, emphasizing the need for further research psychometric and for further systematic reviews involving topics of neuropsychology interest, like Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

Neuropsychology; Neuropsychological Assessment; Neuropsychological Tests; Scientific Production

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