The challenge of conviviality: advisory For diversity and support to quota holders (2004-2008)

Jaqueline Gomes de Jesus About the author

In 2003, the University of Brasília adopted a policy of affirmative action for black people, the System of Quotas for Blacks. In 2004 the Advisory for Diversity and Support to Quota Holders was created. Faced with the demands of the social movement for a support room for students, the Black Conviviality Center was developed, a space opened to the entire academic community. This article presents the experience of the Advisory to 2008 and analyzes the challenges of conviviality between quota students and academic space, through a qualitative research on perceptions, feelings and expectations about the Center, in the form of questionnaires which contained an evocation question to the Center, applied to 35 college students from the System of Quotas for Blacks who attended the Center. The evocation data were analyzed using the software Evoc. The results indicate that the Center, in the analyzed period, was recognized by its users as a welcoming space, compared to a heterogeneous academic organization, marked by prejudices. The limitations and possibilities of interventions for the use of CCN are discussed, and an agenda for the Advisory is proposed, with a focus on diversity management.

Racial and ethnic relations; Social identity; Racism; Social inclusion

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