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Professional Internship and Training in Psychology: Working with Groups as a Formative Device


This article aims to discuss the training of psychologists through the reflection on the practice with groups within the scope of the professional training in Psychology. Social Psychology of Work is a reference in the knowledge and practices of the activities described through the article, helping in the critical understanding of how social relations come about in the scope of work. This perspective perceives work as a fundamental element to understand human beings and societies, with focus on human experiences and how they are framed by work-related activities. In this sense, we recognize that the workers’ place in the production system will be determinant of their other experiences and modes of existence accessible to them. The group practice depicted here considers the participants as active subjects. It also makes use of the notion of group as a device. The challenge is to jointly create new experience configurations with the members of the groups, revealing other possibilities to think about their relationship with their work and with themselves, and promoting subjective and objective reorganizations. Thus, the group also acts as a promoter of new ways of seeing and being in the world for the trainees, raising questions about the practice, the role, and the social commitment of psychologists.

Social Psychology; Work; Group; Device; Professional Training

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