Modes of working and being of motoboys: contemporary space-time experience

The present study discusses the experience of immediacy, speed and urgency that characterizes the present society and brings new figures to the scene, such as the motoboy (motorcycle delivery rider). This is a descriptive exploratory study that included 20 participants - motoboys from food delivery establishments, and their union president. The data were collected in semi-structured individual interviews, during a focus group meeting and in documental sources. The analysis of the data content considered the qualitative understanding of the social reality as perceived in the pertinent literature. The results of the study indicate that the characteristically immaterial work of the motoboys fits the slogan "time is money". The notes in relation to their modes of working and living are: the self-image and the image of the motoboy in the media, the imposition and control of the frenetic temporal pace by the organization of the work, the ambiguous relationship established by the urgency of society and the daily routine in the traffic that exposes the fragile ties of solidarity among a group of people who do not want to be motoboys forever.

Motoboys; Work pace; Self image

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