Social Representations about Teamwork

Denise de Aragão Fernandes dos Santos Luciana Mourão Luciene Alves Miguez Naiff

Teamwork is a demand of current labor organizations. This study identified social representations about teamwork at universities in Rio de Janeiro. An initial phase of evocation was made with 134 employees, which indicated and ordered three to five words from the inductor term "teamwork". As a result, 14 interviews were held to deepen the answers. The social representations approach that was chosen was structural, of Jean Claude Abric, and the analysis was made with the support of EVOC software. The results indicate 393 words evoked, 187 are different, whose grouping by similarity resulted in 105 words/expressions. The results show that possible central cores words are "respect", "unity" and "cooperation". The results were discussed in the light of literature, presenting the study's contributions to the advancement of research on work teams.

Work organization; Organizational behavior; Teamwork; Social representation

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