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Indetermination, multidimensionality and relevance of the process of meaning construction

Frequently used expressions which are part of our speeches, such as ‘internalization', ‘intersubjectivity' and, the one which is object of study, ‘process of meaning construction', even though being discussed and being present for decades, are not so well defined as it may seem. Our main objective was, therefore, to propose a composition to the PMC from the analysis carried out by different authors and areas. The discussions, in this sense, postulate the involvement of three components and also the co-participation of the language, and of different dimensions to this process; and also show the importance of the theme to the investigation of the mind and its social constitution. The cognition is related to all phenomena linked to the knowledge production, putting the PMC - inherent to this - as object of study of Psychology. This ability to apply the signs functionally, what differs us from other animals, however, has not been fully understood by Psychology.

Process of meaning construction; meaning; cognition

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