Considerations on the psychology of art and the narrativist perspective

Karina Moutinho Luciane De Conti About the authors

The study of the artistic production is an issue which has interested psychology for a long time. Vygotsky´s work is an important reference to reflect upon esthetics behavior derived from object and social psychology. Considering his relevant contributions, this article has the following objectives: 1) present the most important discussions related to psychology and esthetics in the beginning of the 20th century based on Lev Vygotsky and his “ art psychology”, highlighting the theoretic-methodological proposal suggested by the author to the artistic productions of his time; 2) discuss the contributions of this proposition to narrativist perspective, reinforcing Vygotsky’s ideas to empower this area dedicated to the human approach which goes beyond the logical-abstract thoughts.

Vygotsky; narrativist perspective; art

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