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Work and activity: analysis categories in the development historical-cultural psychology

This article is the result of theoretical studies and intends to show some contributions to the Development Historical-Cultural Psychology, more specifically, regarding to the relationship between the work and activity categories. These studies show to be relevant to the psychologists, pedagogues and other professionals involved directly or indirectly with the educational practice, in the quest to understand the problem of development periodization in a non-naturalistic perspective. In this way, the main activity category shows up as a central driving force of human development process and, therefore, it is closely linked to the place which each individual takes up in the class society as well as the objective conditions of his material existence. The development study matches with the study of specific person, immersed in a web of social relations; in a political and economic system; and finally, something else is nothing , but the study of the history objectified in each particular individual.

Psicología histórico-cultural; desarrollo humano; actividad principal

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