The acquisition of language in the child with Autism: a case study

The child's language acquisition process with autism has been described by deficits as well analysed in an individual way. Trying to oppose this pathological look, which we consider reductionist, this work objectified to analyse in a longitudinal way the acquisition process of the child with diagnosis of autistic syndrome, from a dialogical process and a discourse approach, during the period of two years and six months. The result of this atudy showed that the child, subject of this search, has always been present "in the language" and his involuntary repetition is the evidence of this presence. The gestures and speech of this typical child, according to situations considered interactive which were set with a professional, help to keep the track of the child's process of language acquisition as well as its change as the subject of language, which is taken as a constitutive activity of the subject and the language itself.

Language; autism; speech

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