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A literature revision about the application of the brief motivational interviewing in harmful users and alcohol dependents

This article presents the necessary elements for the understanding of the use of the Brief Motivational Interviewing (BMI) in harmful users and alcohol dependents, through a literature revision about its methodological and effectiveness structure. This essay also includes the revision and discussion about this approach use in Brazil. Eighteen national and international studies have been selected and their results have been discussed from the presentation of two tables with the main results. The BMI consists of an efficient approach for the harmful users and alcohol dependent. It has a practical and objective methodology that permits to be applied by any trained Professional and it can be used alone or with other technics, or even as an overture that prepares for a motivational basis for other treatments. In Brazil more researches are necessary in order to find efficient and low costs means to treat the patients who are in different stages of this disease.

Brief Motivational Interviewing; alcohol; treatment

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